The quantity of affiliate marketers has increased dramatically in recent years and most likely due to widespread financial hardship. But at least there is no short supply of genuinely excellent marketing programs and information. Chances are you are unaware of Ryan Stevenson who’s responsible for producing The Product Style Affiliate WordPress Plugin. Ryan has been quietly succeeding at online marketing for 15 years, and he has impressive experience with producing products, Amazon marketing and affiliate promotion, in general. There is basically too much to cover in this review, but we will offer a glimpse into what exists for you.

The Product Style Plugin is certainly suitable with WordPress versions 2.7 and higher. Of course Ryan has continued to update his plugin, so no worries about forward compatibility with future WordPress releases. If you have ever been discouraged with determining how to use a new business or marketing tool, then be confident that will never be an issue, here. Ryan provides detailed guidelines available in PDF format along with making them available on the Product Style Plugin website in the “Plugin Features” area.

The primary benefits of this plugin are numerous and all aimed to increase conversions. Ryan’s knowledge with optimizing for sales plus his extensive experience offer a lot of confidence. You will also value the fact that he’s made this plugin to provide you maximum command over your ad designs. Also, you can use the ads you custom create with Amazon, Clickbank and even Commission Junction which are certainly the most popular affiliate networks. The construction of your own variations of HTML ads is quickly done by way of the Admin section. Ryan has stated that he thinks affiliates will know greater success, and conversions, when they can exercise total design control for ideal integration across a wide range of site designs.

Custom building your ads is easy using the Admin interface section where you enter all your ad requirements. Just a couple of cases are indicating ad categories and any options that are correct for any ad. If you participate in international promotion, and you should, then you will like the country targeted settings for your ads. One long ignored area of online business is international marketing. Besides the command and control over your own ads, you can specify the international locations they can show up in which is very useful. However, this particular function relating to other countries is geared for Amazon Associates, only.

Designing your ads for all facets of borders that deal with colors, proportions and other features is available. If you need to use a different color for an ad background, then you can do that so it will merge more effectively with your site colors. If you are an affiliate for Amazon, then if you use Enhanced Amazon ads there are customization capabilities offered, as well. That functionality will allow you greater control over degree of appearance and format for your Enhanced ads.